Internship Program

Phillip Riley is proud to facilitate the matching of new graduates in the Renewable Energy industry with companies interested in providing internship opportunities within their organisations. If you are someone new in the industry looking for real life work experience, or a company that operates in the Renewable Energy industry that is looking to provide a learning experience to those at the start of their careers, this is the right program for you.

How to sign up for the Internship Program:

Select the button below that applies to you and complete our online application form. As soon as a match occurs, you will be notified by one of our personnel. Further details will be discussed thereafter.



I found the Phillip Riley program online and decided to apply. Although I am studying civil engineering, the renewable sector has been a great interest of mine for some time now. This program has made the transition from infrastructure based designs to more sustainable projects seamless. It has given me an opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge in a different field whilst also making the experience very enjoyable. Within minimal time, the internship program has exposed me to new tools, programs and ways of thinking that I have never previously come across in my studies, overall improving me as an engineer. I have been lucky enough to be working on multiple projects, each different to the last, under the guidance of an extremely friendly and helpful team of engineers.

Alex, March 2019