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Climate Council Releases Report Showing the Effects of Australia’s Old Energy System

The report titled “Hot and Dry: Australia’s Weird Winter” by the Climate Council digs into the effects of this year’s warmest winter on record. It states that Australia’s old energy system will not be able to deal or cope with periodic and longer heatwaves.
As Energy Matters reports on its website, the report also claims that over 260 heat and low rainfall records were broken. In addition, the country’s energy system is deteriorating, polluting, and inefficient. The energy system also cannot cope with intensifying extreme weather conditions such as frequent heatwaves, storms, and droughts. Australia is also challenged with an increased bushfire risk this season based on the report.
Climate Council is in favor of the switch from fossil fuels to clean energy systems, which include solar power installation, commercial and residential solar power, and solar power battery storage.
The council further remarked that the Paris Agreement should still be integral amidst the issue that the United States has interests in altering it. The council also recommends the government to further stabilize its efforts in advancing clean energy systems.
Amanda McKenzie, the CEO at Climate Council stated that the investment in clean energy worldwide is set to increase. “There is no denying the economics, renewables are cheaper than new coal and continue to drop in cost.”
“The future is renewable power regardless of the U.S. and Australia isolating itself from global action,” she added.
Professor Lesley Hughes, Climate Councilor and Ecologist, claimed that the hottest winter in the history of Australia was linked to aggrevating climate change. “Without any meaningful action to tackle climate change, we will continue to see many more hot winters, just like this, as global temperatures rise. We must take meaningful action to strongly reduce Australia’s emissions from fossil fuels.”
To read the full report, click here.

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